BatteryPalet 54 kWh

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Simple modular structure

Thanks to its modular structure, the EnergyCube battery pallet can be manufactured and assembled very easily at different locations.
A light, heavy-duty plastic pallet carries the individual modules. This ensures compatibility with forklifts and lift trucks.
The structural separation of the battery unit and inverter unit ensures that the system can continue to be reliably cooled even at full load.

So not only is the battery unit modular, but also the overall system.

batteryunit inverterunit


heavy duty palet

64 intelligent battery storages

The battery unit consists of 64 EnergyCubes, each with 760 Wh. The 54 kWh achieved in this way can be called up on 3 phases via the built-in inverters and fed directly into the grid.

The individual EnergyCubes can develop their full potential through constant monitoring and thus guarantee a long and reliable service life.

So far, the technology has mainly been used in film production and camping stations. Even so, their usefulness is not limited to these industries. Do you have any other ideas? Or also suggestions? Then write to us using our contact form.