Energy catchable.
EnergyCube ®

EnergyCube ®

More perfomance, same flexibility

Like the EnergyTube® , the EnergyCube® is equipped with the patented magnetic connector system an is equally modularly scalable. starting at 500 Wh, the EnergyCube® is up to almost any challenge.
Secure, Smart, Adaptable - EnergyCube®

The magnetic connector system

The patented and standardized magnetic connector system also allowes the end user to determine the size of the memory without tools or expertise.
The plugs find themselves through the integrated magnetic rings. Thus (+),(-) and the communication is connected in one process.

Technical Data EnergyCube:

The properties of the EnergyCube® provide an optimal basis for modular scalability in a wide range of applications. There are two different versions: one with lithium ion cells and one with lithium iron phosphate cells: our 500 and 700 S
  • capacity: 500 Wh bis 700 Wh
  • voltage: 48 V
  • Dimension:: 428 x 75 x 180 mm
  • continous power: bei 20°C: 150 W oder 500 W
  • weight: 4,0 kg; 7,5 kg

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