The Energy Fuel Cell

Hydrogen as the future of energy production

Green Energy with Hydrogen

The networking of innovative batteries with energy production through hydrogen is the most sustainable and best solution to use sustainable green energy today. Our battery system is supplied with electricity while driving with the hydrogen.
Easily produce the energy you need on the go when you haven't had time to recharge at home.
All in all, green and renewable energies

Hydrogen as the future!

We don't just build batteries, our mission is to focus on developing completely green energy . Now we have brought that thought to the streets. The first hydrogen-powered cargo bike delivered a package!
All of our products are scalable and can work together or individually without any problems. If a battery needs to be charged, this can of course be done with our home storage.

On the way you have the opportunity to recharge the EnergyCube and EnergyTube with the help of the fuel cell, which means that with the help of the green energy source hydrogen, electricity can be generated that is stored in the batteries. So we have created an additional green energy source that can generate energy without fossil fuels.

New Ideas for the future

Our future must be thought of in a more innovative way. That is why we lead by example. Due to the population's increasing energy needs, we are relying on a sustainable way of producing electricity. The fuel cell is clearly a help here.
  • Compact fuel cell in lightweight design
  • Optimized for small applications, portable, mobile
  • Power of 400 watts
  • Very high gravimetric energy density at the plug level
  • Modular performance increase
  • The metallic bipolar plates are very robust
  • The air cooling allows compact dimensions for satck and system
  • A liquid-cooled system in development with the ZSW Ulm

The Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelec

This technology is now on the streets in Stuttgart and with the support it delivers many of our packages. How does this work? We have built the technology into an extra-light cargo bike from the FCCP project and the power of the rider is supported by our battery, the EnergyTube. while driving, this battery is fully charged with green energy using the fuel cell. The whole concept works without a part of fossil fuels.

Hydrogen as our future

In this way we can generate energy and make deliveries without further economic activity at the expense of our planet. The hydrogen is filled up before the journey and its current load is up to 150 km. Our goal is that there is no longer any need for postal vehicles to be on the road in city centers, which are incredibly harmful to replace with their engine, which usually continues to run during deliveries.
We are taking a step towards green delivery.

A package delivery using energy from hydrogen!

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Hydrogen is the future!

In the long term, every household should be able to produce the energy it needs itself. That is why hydrogen is the future with the help of fuel cells. This mission means that it will ensure a green energy supply. It needs hydrogen as the basic building block for this sustainable goal. With the help of fuel cell technology, electricity can be generated from hydrogen and oxygen without any loss of energy.

We use this technology as a portable energy supplier. In combination with our storage systems, we simply generate electricity. Because this energy is completely renewable. Here you can see a refueling of the FCCP with hydrogen:

Important facts:

As you have already seen, in our development we focus on quality and a long service life for batteries and fuel cells. In addition, sustainability.

To ensure that all of this works, our research teams work every day to find solutions to every fault that occurs. We guarantee a fail-safe, scalable and exchangeable energy storage. In combination with your own solar system, an EnergyFuelCell or another sustainable energy source, completely green electricity can be generated and stored long-term. Just let us advise you what the best concept looks like for you:

Cargo Bike is the first step towards the future that has already been taken today.

Technology that we helped to develop is already installed here. In the future, the cargo bike will take to the streets for various partners such as VeloCarrier and deliver to pharmacies and households. Our battery, which is charged by the fuel cell, supports the driver when pedaling. We deliver parcels easily and faster than normal postal deliveries.

That’s why hydrogen is the future!

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