Our mobile world needs mobile energy

The EnergyTube multi-purpose battery

EnergyTube ®

A new way of storing energy. We call this innovation EnergyTube ®.

The EnergyTube ® is a universal energy storage device, scalable in any storage size, based on IEC standards. It can be integrated into different applications. A larger scaling unit that follows is the EnergyCube®. It forms the foundation of a new way of looking at energy. We should not regard energy as something that we only get from the socket. The EnergyTube® is a sustainable battery that can make energy mobile.

application areas of the EnergyTube


Voltage range 36-60 V

The variable voltage range enables the EnergyTube to be integrated in different electrical applications.



A single EnergyTube with up to 100 Wh is the smallest unit that can be used.


Magnetic plug-system

The innovative magnetic plug-system gives you the possibility to plug and unplug EnergyTubes easily.


State of health

The system evaluates the percental residual capacity of every EnergyTube.

State of charge

The charge state of every EnergyTube can be displayed over the EnergyTube Cloud Service.

Internet of things

You can display and control the system with your smartphone or every IP-capable device.



If an EnergyTube fails it easily can be changed by the customer.


If a single EnergyTube fails, it still conducts through, so the system keeps working.

Energy compensation

A weaker battery in the system gets compensated by fuller batteries.


Heat dissipation

The cylindrical design of the EnergyTube promotes heat dissipation.


The contacts are placed so you can’t touch them with your fingers.

Easy delivery

The maximum energy content of under 100 Wh enables easy delivery, because it doesn’t need to be declared as dangerous goods.

environmental sustainable


The EnergyTube is to 100% recyclable.

Renewable energies

The EnergyTube can be charged with 100% renewable energies (for example the solar energy of a photovoltaic system).

Second use

If a EnergyTubes state of health gets under a certain level it can be used in a second life cycle.

Technical benefits of the EnergyTube

The specifications of the EnergyTube make it a perfect base for modular scalability in various applications:

  • Capacity: 83 Wh
  • Diameter: 60 mm
  • Height: 180 mm
  • Weight: ca. 700g
  • Plug: magnetic plug-system (up to 50 A)

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