Energy whenever you need it

Start into the future with EnergyTube Home

The domestic power storage system of EnergyTube

Fast and easily scalable

The EnergyTube Home storage system is a modular scalable power storage system. Depending on your capacity between 3 kWh an 30 kWh.
The EnergyTubes can be removed at any time and be used as a rechargeable battery in different applications, using a voltage range between 36 V and 60 V. To recharge the EnergyTubes, you simply need to put them back in the EnergyTube Home storage system.
In this way, the EnergyTube Home storage system functions as a power storage system, as well as a charging station for your mobile applications.

Unplug batteries at any time
and integrate them in mobile applications.


Why storing energy?

The sun does not depend on your daily energy consumption. This does not normally overlap with the energy generated by your solar system. To solve this problem, the solar energy generated over the midday hours must be buffered in an energy storage. Thus, more independence from power providers is guaranteed and if your solar system no longer generates energy, you won’t have to purchase expensive extra energy. You get your self-produced solar power exactly when you need it!

Many advantages await you

  • Independence from fluctuations in electricity prices
  • High self-coverage due to solar power supply
  • Numerous possibilities for EneryTube applications in your household
  • Long guarantee on investment
  • Individually adaptable to your power consumption
  • Low impact on failure of individual modules
  • Natural thermal behaviour
  • Self-monitoring and social behaviour

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