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EnergyTube Home in action

07.24.2018 EnergyTube goes North

Installation of the EnergyTube Home system
in Northern Ireland

This week marks the durability test of the EnergyTube Home storage system, a product of Unicorn Engineering GmbH from Schwäbisch Gmünd in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The installation will take place at the South West College in Northern Ireland. For this purpose, the system will be installed and put into operation by local technicians at the CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies) in Enniskillen, a satellite campus of the college. The local installation will demonstrate the simple, efficient and effective technology of the EnergyTube Home storage system—installed for the first time outside of Germany—to validate the technology in external markets.
The EnergyTube Home storage system is a modular, scalable power storage system that stores energy generated by a PV system and delivers power only when needed. The system consists of individual EnergyTubes which are interconnected in a system forming an energy network varying in size. Individual EnergyTubes can be removed at any time and used as rechargeable batteries in different applications. To recharge the EnergyTubes, the tubes are simply placed back in the EnergyTube Home storage system. In this way, it functions as a power storage system, as well as a charging station for mobile applications, such as e-bikes or cargo bikes.
The South West College, with 18,500 students studying at four campuses, provides excellent conditions for the installation and market viability test of the storage system. The college runs the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST), which was founded to provide support companies in the fields of renewable energies, sustainability, environment and construction. The CREST 'Passive Pavilion' is one of the most sustainable buildings in the UK and Ireland. The solar panel system located on a grass area just next to the Passive Pavilion provides all the power that will be stored by the EnergyTube Home storage system. The advantage: applications at the CREST can be operated even after sunset in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way using the produced solar energy. But also the EnergyTube benefits from the installation, as CREST, with its research infrastructure and interested researchers and technicians, offers ideal conditions for testing the system under real conditions. This allows for evaluation of important data to provide for future developments of the innovative system. The EnergyTube Home storage system will be installed in a classroom in the CREST centre where it is visible for all to see.
The South West College is also a partner in the EU-funded project FREED (Funding Resources for Innovation in Energy Enterprise Development), an Interreg V B project which runs for three years in the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) Programme. FREED aims to support SMEs develop energy innovations and introduce them into the market. The EnergyTube developed by the Unicorn Engineering GmbH from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany was selected as an energy innovation to be introduced in the NPA region, having won a competition as part of the FREED project outputs.
To celebrate the smooth installation and successful operation of the system, an official event for its inauguration and presentation will be held on the 16th of October at the CREST, also within the framework of the project FREED. Corresponding information will follow soon.
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